What Is Fid?

On 27 Q3 (27 Zackńy; early winter) in the 18th year of his reign, being the 3332nd year of the founding of Þisy (think 1990), the Lord Chairman of the Jickþy Protection Agency, one Lord Roger Jickþy, commissioned the Lady Prophetess Catherine Ńdaḿy, having completed 3 years reading in Computer Science at Clearwater College in Þutĺy, being retainer of the Lord Jickþy, and being Lady Maintainer for the Lord Jickþy of the Wiḿpixy Windowing System, to research methods of composing interactive software incorporating Ĺsaiýixian (and Unixian) principles, such as separation of mechanism from policy, multi-processing (in particular, segregating model and view in separate processes), and scriptability, for 12 Þisian Guineas (about $1900 in 2007 USD). The end result of this grant was the Fŕigańdy Imperial Desktop (Fŕigańdy is the country where Lady Wiḿpixy ended up settling), maintained by Lady Maintainer Prophetess Catherine Ńdaḿy, Senior Courtier of the Lord Jickþy's Court in Þisy, for the Lord Jickþy for a retainer of 1152 (=8*12*12) Þisian Guineas (about $180,000 in 2007 USD) per annum, and containing the fundamental mechanisms for interactive software throughout the West Baiýan Empire. This is a Linux port of that software.

Fid Papers

(Versions of this software corresponding to releases of fid-core before 0.3 have nothing to do with Lady Wiḿpixy's software, however; they should be regarded as a simple piece of mis-writing which should never have seen the light of day.)

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